How Much Does Wedding Calligraphy Cost?

Calligraphy is an elaborate form of lettering that is widely used for wedding invitations, place cards and table seating cards. Wedding calligraphers are artisans who hand write elegant script for envelopes and other stationery — typically, the more experience they have, the higher their rates will be.

Typical Costs
  • Costs for wedding calligraphy typically range from $2 to $4 per invitation, which includes addressing the inner envelope (1 line of text) and outer envelope (3 lines of text). Many calligraphers will allow you to hand-pick services; for example, you may save 25% on costs by asking for outer envelopes only.
  • More elaborate script styles will cost 25% to 30% more. Inquire about the different tiers of calligraphy that are offered.
  • Wedding calligraphy for escort cards, place cards and table seating cards typically cost anywhere from 75 cents to $2 each. Remember to supply the stationery for the calligrapher to work on.
What Is Included
  • A professional calligrapher should be able to provide a portfolio of samples and previous works with a wide range of different styles of script for you to see.
  • A free consultation meeting to discuss what will be included in your order, the quality guarantee, the date for when all envelopes, paper materials, names and addresses must be provided by the client, and the delivery date of calligrapher’s work.
Additional Fees
  • For extra lines of text, you will incur an additional fee of 75 cents to $1; addressing an invitation with two complete names, such as John Smith and Laura Lane, generally requires the purchase of an extra line. Typically, a return address on the outer envelope will also require the purchase of extra lines.
  • Additional flourish, like a symbol or flower, will cost around 50 cents to $1.50 per envelope.
  • If you would like custom or metallic ink colors, expect an additional 10% to the total order cost. Some companies may charge a flat rate of 50 cents per invitation when using any other color besides black ink.
  • In the case that the envelope must be treated before the calligraphy is applied, expect a minimum of an additional 50 cents per envelope. This is often the case when the calligrapher works with paper that is shiny or difficult to write on.
  • For an additional fee, the calligrapher may seal, stamp, and mail the wedding invitations. Excluding the cost for stamps, you can expect to pay an additional 50 cents per invitation. Keep in mind that if you go with this option, you will not be able to proofread the envelopes before they are mailed out.
  • If you plan on mailing the invitations yourself, expect to pay a standard shipping fee for the completed order to be sent back to you.
Shopping for Calligraphy
  • Review calligrapher’s style sheets first to confirm his or her skill in producing script in your preferred style.
  • Provide the calligrapher with at least 10% more envelopes than invitations, in case mistakes are made.

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