Kay Questions to Ask Your Wedding Event Rental Company Before You Book It

Avoid any hiccups and unexpected costs on your wedding day by asking the following key questions to your wedding rental supplier.

The Basics

1. Are you available on my wedding day?

2. How long have you been in business?

3. Do you have proof of license and are you insured?

4. Do you have enough inventory to accommodate the size of my wedding?

5. Is there a staff member that could guide us in achieving the look and style we want?

6. Have you worked events at my ceremony/reception venue(s) before?

7. Do your services include diagramming and site inspections?

8. Will it be possible to view the actual rental items from your supply or will we be shown rental samples?

Rates, Additional Fees, and Payments

1. Is there a minimum number of items that must be ordered?

2. What are the prices for the items we want to rent?

3. How much is the deposit and when is it due? When is the remaining balance due?

4. Does my order include setup and delivery fees or will there be additional charges? Do you charge for pickup and break-down post wedding?

5. What other additional fees should I expect?

6. Do you offer discounts during off-season?

7. What is your damage policy? In case any items are broken or lost, what are the charges? Note: inquire not just about the damage policy, but what specifically constitutes as item damage that you will be charged for.

8. Will off delivery dates incur additional charges? Example: Items from a Saturday night wedding are not picked up until Monday due to no service on Sunday—will I be charged for the extra day?

9. If I have a Saturday wedding and the venue requires a Sunday pickup, will there be a surcharge?

10. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Delivery, Setup, Breakdown and Pickup Details

1. In case items are not delivered or arrive damaged, can I get the name and cell phone number of an emergency contact? Will you personally be on-site on my wedding day? Note: the emergency contact should be the in-charge person should problems arise and immediate solutions are needed.

2. Do you offer delivery, setup, breakdown, and pick up services?

3. When will the items be delivered to the wedding site? Note: schedule a time several hours before your wedding begins, to allow for setup without pressure.

4. Do you ship to venues out of town?

5. Will delivery services include taking all rented items into the venue and setting everything up? Or do you offer “tailgate service” delivery, where the rental items are dropped off at the venue entrance and the wedding party is required to carry everything inside and setup?

6. How much time is required for setup and breakdown?

7. Will someone be instructing us on how to operate rented items—especially lighting rentals?

8. When will the delivery workers return to pick up the rentals after the wedding has ended?

9. How should we prepare the items for pickup? Do we load dirty glasses, dishes and flatware into the crates or am I required to clean them first?

10. How should rental chairs be arranged for pickup? Do you require them to be placed back into the delivery bags in which they came, or to be folded closed?

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