Key Questions to Ask Your Wedding Calligrapher Before You Book It

Before you deciding on a calligrapher for your wedding, ask these key questions first!

1. Do you have work samples and style sheets that we can see?

2. Do you have any references that we may call?

3. Do you do your calligraphy work by hand or computer?

4. Do you offer a menu of different calligraphy styles to choose from?

5. Which style do you believe would work best with our invitation?

6. What are your rates and what do they include?

7. Do you do calligraphy for inner and outer envelopes?

8. Would you be able to do pieces that can then be printed using your calligraphy art, such as the invitations and menus etc.?

9. Do you also do calligraphy for table numbers, seating cards or a seating chart?

10. When will you need the final guest list of names and addresses?

11. Will you accommodate any last-minute invitations?

12. After receiving all necessary materials, how much time will you need to complete the pieces?

13. What is your policy on cancellation and refunds?

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