Wedding Favors and Gifts Checklist: Things to Do

Taking care of planning details like favors and gifts, can get a bit chaotic. Here is a simple checklist to help guide you through the process!


  1. Purchase or make party favors at least 4-8 weeks before your event.
  2. Wrap the party favors.
  3. Purchase or make gifts for your bridal party.
  4. Wrap gifts for the bridal party.
  5. Purchase and wrap gift for your spouse-to-be, if the two of you have decided to exchange gifts.
  6. Purchase and wrap thank-you gifts for parents on both sides.
  7. Plan time to give your wedding party their gifts. This is usually done at a rehearsal dinner or bridesmaid luncheon.
  8. Plan time to give your spouse-to-be his/her gift. this is usually done in private, the night before the wedding.
  9. Plan time to give gifts to parents.
  10. Take party favors to the reception venue the day before the wedding, or assign someone the responsibility of getting them there.
  11. Arrange for tables to hold party favors.
  12. Assign someone to display the party favors on tables.

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