Wedding Registry Q & A: Money Instead of Wedding Gifts?

Question: We already have all the household items we need; is it rude to ask guests for monetary gifts?

Answer: Intentionally asking for gifts whether it be materialistic or monetary is never recommended. What you can do is let your guests know (if they ask) that you would prefer cash gifts. Also, a less tacky way of getting the word out—because you definitely should not make a public announcement—is to share this tidbit with your immediate family, wedding party, and close friends. This way, if other guests ask them what you want, they can relay this message so that it’s not coming directly from you. However, we still recommend that you have a gift registry somewhere for those guests who feel more comfortable giving you a material gift rather than cash. In any case, be sure to thank each guest for their gift when you send out thank you notes. For guests who gave you money, let them know how you intend to use the money when you send out the thank you card. For example, let them know you will be using it towards certain honeymoon activities.

Tip: A tactful and effective way of receiving monetary gifts without actually asking for it is to create a Cash or Honeymoon Registry. When creating this registry, make sure you pick things you actually want to spend the money on.  Your guests will select an item from your list and help you fund it. This way, you get the monetary gift that you wanted and your guests get the satisfaction of contributing to something you and your fiancée will enjoy!

Some great gift examples for Honeymoon or Cash Registry:

  • A couple’s massage
  • A hot air balloon ride
  • An intimate candlelight dinner on the beach
  • Romantic sunset cruise
  • A Night in Our Honeymoon Suite
  • Snorkeling Adventure
  • Swimming with the dolphins

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