Top Wedding Dress Designer Series: Modern Isabelle Armstrong Wedding Dresses

We are excited to kick off and introduce our top wedding dress designer series, starting with Isabelle Armstrong wedding dresses! Between the 2018 and 2017 collections, Isabelle Armstrong believes ” each and every wedding dress be imbued with a spirit of romance, sophistication and modernity.” We love that this designer adds bold and innovative details to make each dress as individual as the bride who will wear them. Luxurious handcrafted fabrics and modern, fashion-forward techniques effortlessly work together to create the beautiful artistry in the Isabelle Armstrong Bridal Collection. Get inspired by these glamorously unique wedding dresses!

Photos: Courtesy of Isabelle Armstrong; Photographers:Takahiro Ogawa (Fall and Spring 2018); Tracey Morris (Fall 2017); Mani Zarrin (Spring 2017);

2018 Fall Collection

2018 Spring Collection

2017 Fall Collection

2017 Spring Collection

If you’re like us and have a dying urge to find these stunning gowns, here’s a list of bridal boutique locations where you can try the Isabelle Armstrong Collection on for yourself! Glamorous gowns like these range from $4,000 – $12,000. Trust your bridal instincts and see what all the hype is about. Questions? You can reach the company at their website, or via email and phone — [email protected], 212-772-9000.

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