Sensational Grace Loves Lace ICON 2018 Collection for the Modern Bride

Talk about iconic! These brilliant Grace Loves Lace wedding dresses from newly launched ICON 2018 Collection are perfection for the modern bride. The fresh collection is inspired by the most legendary and influential females from past and present, and includes an impressive range of daring and adventurous designs. “The range plays to the strengths of Grace Loves Lace — comfortable fits, effortless silhouettes and unexpected fabric combinations. Each dress is treated like a work of art and tells a unique story.” ICON was made to celebrate women and their bodies, their characters and their own ideas of what a bride should be. The gowns themselves are down right stunning with texture and comfortability to maintain confidence. The full skirts play to the strength of curvy shapes while artistic trims add drama the the classic Grace Loves Lace layering structure. Intricate details like metallic beading, iridescent threading and garden embroidery keep us on our toes with more eye-catching details than we realize at first sight. These dreamy, down-to-earth gowns don’t sacrifice style for comfort; they push the boundaries for creativity that still nods to bridal tradition. Grace Loves Lace wedding dresses continue to blow us away, and we’re loving every part of this ICON Collection concept. Scroll down to explore the gorgeous works of art!

Photos: courtesy of Grace Loves Lace; Photographer: Jeremy Choh

To learn more about Grace Loves Lace, visit their website or one of their showrooms in Los Angeles, London and Australia.

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