Bold and Beautiful 2020 Wedding Dresses from Essense of Australia: Bravely You Collection

Style D2939

It’s time for an exclusive look at what 2020 wedding dresses we have to look forward to, and we’re welcoming a gorgeous new collection with open arms and heart eyes! The Essense of Australia: Bravely You collection is inspired exclusively by your bold and beautiful style, featuring statement gowns that will give your bridal look a deeper meaning in addition to striking elegance. This new collection dares to be powerful and breathtaking with grand silhouettes, all new textured fabrics and boundary-pushing details. It’s all about classic bridal beauty with a twist! These stunning 2020 wedding dresses from Essense of Australia will be the talk of your Pinterest boards. Take a look and fall in love!

Style D2939Style D2988Style D3103

Fearless Femininity

This collection speaks to us with a powerful message this season: Brave is the new beautiful. It takes a fierce new approach on femininity in bridal design, blending classic beauty and modern confidence. Stop and swoon over the elegant silhouettes and elaborate bridal trains detailed with layers of fabric of blush and neutral tones for sophisticated, high-fashion looks with a weightless feel.

Style D2907Style D2987Style D3109

Modern Muse

Essense of Australia: Bravely You radiates with luxurious royalty vibes. Minimalism and modern details come together to give these new gowns their high-fashion sparkle from head to toe. You’ll fall in love with all the newness, including textured fabrics crafted with volume and pleated gathers to create unexpected structures and sheer radiance that modern muses will simply adore.

Style D2840Style D2988Style D2849

Daring Elegance

With brave beauty comes daring statements, and these boundary-pushing details and all-new sheer elements speak volumes of that. It’s time to fully embrace the elegance of next-level low back designs, translucent bodices layered with graphic laces, and figure-flattering silhouettes that’ll show off your curves in all the right places. Dare to reveal your inner and outer beauty with these bold and beautiful designs!

With this exclusive look at fabulous 2020 wedding dresses, styling an unforgettable wedding day look will be completely inspired! Visit the Essense of Australia store locator today to find a retailer near you—and don’t forget to show off your look by tagging @essenseofaustralia on social!{"url":"","count":19246})