Love Without Limits: Martina Liana’s Latest Collection of Elegant Wedding Dresses

Style 1165

The latest elegant wedding dresses from Martina Liana’s bridal collection are now available at retailers around the globe, and we’re so excited for 2020 brides to start wearing these incredible gowns! This amazing bridal brand always brings classic elegance to each collection, and the Love Without Limits collections offers a fresh and unique take on bridal! Chief Creative Officer and Head Designer Martine Harris designed this collection to pure perfection with bold lace patterns, intricate beading and modern silhouettes — offering unlimited beauty for your endless love. From extravagant to romantic to modern simplicity, come see what these elegant wedding dresses have in store for you.

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Pretty Extravagant

These gowns are just as dramatic as they are lightweight! Some of the fabulous rich details include unique draping, lace sleeves and shaped, structured trains for an effortlessly romantic look. While still maintaining a classic vibe, the bold sparkling beadwork on these dresses will radiate from the flash of a camera, giving you that touch of timeless bridal glamour. It’s all the beauty you love to see from Martina Liana, featuring all-new updates and modern twists you won’t want to miss this season!

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Romantic Rebel

For the modern bride who dares to show off her rebellious side, take a look at these elegant wedding dresses with sheer cutouts and vintage-inspired corsetry looks! You’ll find that Martina Liana achieves that ideal effortless romance yet daringly sexy appeal. The use of gorgeous lace is paired with layers of sheer organza to maintain coverage while keeping your rebellious streak alive. 

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Simplicity Out Loud

Martina Liana is letting simplicity fly in 2020 with this new collection featuring modern minimalism at its finest. We love how Harris can mix a sleek Bellagio crepe silhouette with laser-cut lace sleeves for a truly unexpected juxtaposition of styles that honors classic bridal design. We’re admiring the peaked strapless necklines, ruched details, and of course, all of the pockets, which every bride loves to admit that they would die for. These trendy details indicate a clear progression toward modernism that we can’t wait to see on this year’s brides.

For the bride who truly wants to make a modern, bold and utterly romantic statement on her wedding day, this new Martina Liana bridal collection is an obvious choice. These 2020 looks are serving romantic looks with sleeve options, modernly simply silhouettes, sexier details and perfect extravagance, these elegant wedding dresses are something no bride should pass up!

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