Embrace Your Natural Beauty with Essense of Australia’s Latest Collection

You’re invited to take a look at the new Essense of Australia collection, featuring stunning lace, high-end fabrics and striking silhouettes. These breathtaking gowns are swoon-worthy with intricate embroidery and luxurious looking details to inspire your Pinterest boards! Whether you’ve dreamed of classic, sexy simplicity or on-trend but timeless glam, each of these Essense of Australia wedding dresses feel truly one-of-a-kind. 

Fresh Fabrics

This romantic collection is adorned with the loveliest lace patterns and unique floral patterns for a twist on classic looks. From traditional, delicate designs to modern floral gowns for the free-spirited bride, notice how these dresses bring out your natural beauty like never before. Fresh fabrics are embellished with extravagant detail and sweet simplicity paired with the captivating and carefree spirit found in every Essense bride! 

Essense of Australia D3127 Essense of Australia D3127Essense of Australia D3127Essense of Australia D3094 Essense of Australia D3094Essense of Australia D3124 Essense of Australia D3124 Essense of Australia D3124Essense of Australia D3124

Sheer Patterns

Calling all modern romantics — this collection is encouraging you to embrace your natural beauty through sheer, tasteful elements this year. The dreamy sheer details complement any silhouette, from flattering form-fitting mermaid  to the glamorously feminine fit-and-flare look.

Essense of Australia D3150 Essense of Australia D3150 Essense of Australia D3150Essense of Australia D3063 Essense of Australia D3063Essense of Australia D3145Essense of Australia D3145

Refined Minimalism

This season’s gowns  go beyond the traditional flair, offering a more simplistic take on classic femininity. From delicate micro-plunges with clean lines and classic silhouettes to elegant sweetheart necklines, these youthful yet refined Essense of Australia wedding dresses achieve the desirable: an elegantly timeless look with ultra glamour.

Essense of Australia D3080 Essense of Australia D3080 Essense of Australia D3080Essense of Australia D3100 Essense of Australia D3100 Essense of Australia D3100Essense of Australia D3114Essense of Australia D3114

Fulfilling the dreams of any bridal vision, from modern to boho to classic styles alike, these designer wedding dresses effortlessly reflect your natural radiance and timeless spirit. To find a retailer near you, visit the Essense of Australia store locator today!

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