General FAQ

We’ve tried to answer the most common user questions below. As we continue to improve the MODwedding experience, this list will continue to grow. You may also try our Community Support section.

Is MODwedding free?

Yes. You can set up a basic MODwedding wedding website for free. Premium packages with additional features are available for purchase once you register for a free account.

If I upgrade from my free site will I lose everything I already uploaded?

No. All data will be moved to your upgraded wedding website and will continue to be shown under your registered domain name.

When does my membership expire?

Your free wedding website MODwedding membership expire one year from the date of registration.

How can I make a suggestion on the wedding website?

We are constantly trying to improve on the MODwedding experience for our users. We invite you to share your comments and suggestions by clicking on the Feedback link, located on the far lower right side of MODwedding dashboard window.

How can I report a problem?

If you encounter a problem, you can report it to us from the Feedback link, located on the lower right side of MODwedding dashboard window. Please click on the link, and tell us all about it. Or you can always email us.

What features are included with a MODwedding wedding website?

Check out our Features page for an overview of all MODwedding has to offer, including a customized url for your site (e.g., 50MB of data storage, music player to play your favorite song, 10 MODcards, and use of the site for 12 months. Premium service options are available to view once you register for a free account and click on upgrade in your dashboard.

Do I need to know html or have any technical knowledge to create or format my MODwedding website or web pages?

Not at all. The MODwedding Website Designer makes it easy to create a site, set up individual pages, add links, pick your website color and stylize your text, even if you do not have any technical experience.

How long will it take for us to see our wedding website online?

Your website will be live on the Internet immediately after you sign up, and can be easily accessed through a MODwedding url, such as

Can I change my wedding website theme and color after I create the wedding website?

Absolutely. You may change your wedding website theme, color, and even photo whenever you want from our easy to use Website Designer. Our MODwedding wedding center is there for you around the clock, night and day.

Is there a limit to the number of updates I can make to my wedding website?

Feel free to update your wedding website at any time and from any where you want. All updates will be reflected on your wedding website immediately after they are saved.

How much does MODwedding cost?

We offer a variety of membership packages designed to suit the different needs you wish. We have a month to month service and an annual package. To see the options, please register for a free account and in the dashboard click on upgrade to see the premium service options.

How do I organize and name my wedding website pages?

Go ahead and login to your MODwedding wedding website account to organize or rename your webpages in Website Designer/Organize.

How do I hide webpages, events and photo albums to not display on my wedding website?

Yes. You can show or hide pages, events and photo album at any time. Only pages with a trash can icon may be deleted.

If I don’t want to have “status update boxes” on my home page, can I hide them?

Yes. Go to “General Settings” under the “Account Settings” tab; uncheck “show status updates on home page” and hit save. You can always change it back at any time.

How can I link my wedding website to Facebook and Twitter?

Each time you post a status update, new diary entry or new photo to your MOD site, you can choose to broadcast it to your social networks. Simply go to “Broadcast Options” in “Account Settings” to link your MODwedding website to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How private is my wedding website?

Simply go to “Website Security” in “Account Settings” to set up a universal password to protect the entire site; or go to the “Website Designer,” and select an individual page to set up a password for a particular page. You may also choose to “hide” a page in Website Designer.

In Website Designer, can I upload more than one photo for each page? Can I choose a different page layout?

Yes. When you “Create a New Page,” you can choose one of six different page layouts we offer with a variety of options for adding photos and text. You can change page layouts anytime for existing pages.

How do I add a new event?

Go to the “Events & RSVP” tab to create a new event, edit event details and set up a RSVP for the event. The newly added event will also appear in the Website Designer. You may also add an event by clicking on “Add a New Event” in the blue box at the bottom of the wedding events page in the Website Designer. Once an event is created, you also may organize the sequence of events through the Website Designer.

Is there an efficient way to notify my guests to RSVP online?

The best way to remind guests to RSVP online is by sending them a MODcard.

Can I password protect individual RSVP events?

You can set up a password for a specific event RSVP by going to that event’s page under the “Website Designer.” To notify or remind your guests to RSVP online, we recommend you send a MODcard.

Can I set up meal selection, leave a note (e.g. Dress code, Adults Only) and limit the number of guests who may RSVP?

Yes. Use the Events and RSVP tab to select the event; click on “Edit Event;” then go to the RSVP tab of that event to set up meal selection, leave a note, or the limit the number of guests who may respond.

What is the most efficient way of using the MOD Addressbook?

Think of the MOD Addressbook as your guest list and overall contacts manager for the wedding. We recommend that you import ALL of your contacts into the Addressbook first, and then use MOD functionality to organize, manage and group your contacts. MOD will identify duplicate contacts, separate addresses by groom and bride and help you create groups easily.

How do I import my contacts into my address book and create contact groups?

It’s simple. Go to the “Addressbook” tab, click on the “Import Addresses” icon and your entire Addressbook will be imported to your MODwedding site. We support most email providers, so no matter which one you use, we can usually connect with them. If you don’t see your email provider on our list, check “other” when we ask where you keep your contacts, and we’ll find them. If you don’t see the one you need, please let us know what you’ll like to see to be supported.

How many photos can I upload to my wedding website?

There is a 50MB storage limit for photos and music on free accounts. Premium accounts have higher storage limits. Please visit upgrade in your account dashboard for premium options.

What is a General Album?

The general album captures all of the photos you upload to the site unless you specifically attribute them to a specific album. This is a default album, and cannot be deleted.

What is a Diary Album?

The Diary Album contains all of the photos you have uploaded to the “My Diary” section of your site. This is a default album, and cannot be deleted.

What is a Home Page album?

The Home Page album is the album everyone will see when they visit your site. The first five photos in this album will be visible on your Home Page. This is a default album and cannot be deleted.

How do I upload my wedding songs?

Go to the Music tab in the Website Designer to upload songs to your site. All songs must be in .mp3 format, and must be legally purchased.

What are the recommended specifications for the songs I want to upload to my wedding website?

You can have up a song up to 6MB in .mp3 format and must be legally purchased. For premium account holders, you may upload up to either 3 or 5 songs.

How many songs can music player play? Can I reorder them?

The music player will play up to five songs for premium diamond account holder. You choose the order, and may reorder them under the Music tab as often as you like.

How do I set up a registry? Can I set up multiple registries?

You can use MODwedding to set up multiple registries. Simply go to the “Website Designer;” select the Registry page; write a general message for your registry; and hit save. Next, go to the “Registry” section by clicking on the Registry link in the blue box or the Registry tab under the Website Designer; set up multiple registries, and edit details for each one.

How do I set up polls and quizzes?

Go to the “Website Designer,” choose “Polls & Quizzes,” and write a general message for the page. Then click on the Polls & Quizzes link in the blue box or the Polls & Quizzes tab to set up a specific poll or quiz, or review existing ones.

Can I set up a poll or quiz for a particular event and display it on my event page?

Yes. Simply go to the “Events & RSVP” tab; choose the event, and go to “Event Info” tab to set up and save your information. Next, click the “New Poll” button at the bottom of the page to complete set up.

Can I keep my wedding website when my term is up?

Yes. You may choose to upgrade to a premium service and keep you wedding website for as long as you wish.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We hope you won’t, but if you must, feel free to email us at Member Support with your MODwedding wedding website URL and account information.

Can’t find the information you are looking for? Please visit Contact Us and we’ll get back to you.