The Perks of a Faux Wedding Cake

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1) You can design any cake you want and do not have to worry with guests having any issues with it when eating it (for example fondant). Many guests do not like the thickness of fondant and they tend to peel it off. Well, when they peel it off, guess what, there goes the buttercream icing with it which is the best part of the cake!

2) Each guest gets a perfectly, pretty cut slice of cake! How many times have you seen a cut wedding cake and then pieces are a hot mess in some cases. When the catering team has a sheet cake in the back, they are able to cut is beautifully.

3) Timing! The magic of wedding cake being served to guests in ample time is wonderful! The bride and groom cut the cake and wrap up any last formalities and bam, the wedding cake comes right out! No waiting!

4) I love when the cake is on display for the entire evening and the room is not left with a care table OR an empty space. It is beautifully displayed for the entire evening. Lets be honest, couples spend big bucks on their wedding cakes and why not show it off as long as possible.

5) When the bride and groom cut the cake, we place in a real slice for the cake cutting so that you still get your yummy cake and beautiful pics!
I always like to vote for the back right and on the 2nd tier from the bottom depending on height.

6) Believe it or not the wedding cake can be a keepsake! Yes, a big one, BUT, it is fun to have it on display in your home for the first year. Why not!{"url":"","count":1})


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