Conversations to Have Before You Start Planning

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Most couples have never planned a wedding or know what a wedding can cost. This is okay and perfectly normal. I truly encourage all couples to start with a few conversations.

First, with each other just to get a sense of what is important to each of you (this may include your families). Set aside some time to talk about what your ideal wedding looks like, then number your priorities (top 5 each) and then create a combined “top 3-5” list that reflects both of your desires.

The second conversation I suggest is about budget and guest list. How much are you comfortable spending, who is contributing and about how many guests do you anticipate inviting?

The third conversation I recommend is with a professional and reputable planner in your market. Talking with a professional about your goals, priorities, preferences, budget and guest count can help you identify if your vision is feasible or if you may need to re-evaluate or further discuss your available options. You should really get a solid budget idea and desired game-plan in place before you make your first financial decision.{"url":"","count":0})


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