Get To Know Your Wedding Vendors 101


Wedding planning can be stressful, but working with your vendors should not. Clearly communicate your ideas to your vendors for a stress-free relationship. Learn how to prioritize your vendors and master the art of what question to ask, cost, contract and more.


First Priority

Ideal Booking: 6 or more months

These are going to be your high priority vendors that can only handle one or a few weddings for a given weekend. Start hiring these vendors at least six months before the wedding.


Second Priority

Ideal Booking: 4 - 6 months

This is when things start getting more intense and details become more important. Most of these vendors are equipped to handle several events in a weekend. Start working with these vendors four to six months before the wedding date.


Third Priority

Ideal Booking: 2 - 4 months

Booking these vendors don’t require as much time in advance as the others that have busy schedules all year long. Make sure these vendors have you penciled in two to four months before the wedding.


Fourth Priority

Ideal Booking: 1 - 2 months

These are the final steps of your wedding planning and don’t hold as high as a priority since they aren’t directly correlated to the wedding planning itself. But they are some of most important details you CANNOT forget about!

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